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for residents," Rahm Emanuel , Mayor , City of Chicago.


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Scrap Website Launched
January 2014
New scrap website is now live at

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Adelman's Resource Solutions completes first phase of $2.8 million facility in Chicago
January 16, 2013
Adelman's looks to capitalize on Large Economies.

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New Website Launched
April 14, 2012
Today we have launched our new website. We’ve created this site to make it easy for visitors to lea...

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Recycling Services
Recyclind and Disposal services

pictureAdelmans Resource Solutions Inc. provides recycling services to businesses, municipalities and individuals. Our services and solutions will meet all your recycling needs, whether you are a commercial entity looking to better manage the recyclables generated in your general operations, a contractor looking to capitalize on obsolete materials produced on job sites, a government agency looking to better serve your community or a homeowner cleaning up around the house.

The following is a list of the recycling services we provide:picture

• Metal
• Paper
• Plastic
• Electronics
Junk Vehicles


Products We Buy And Sell

pictureWe offer a wide range of products for brokers and consumers of scrap material feedstock.
Below you’ll find a general list of our products. Call us more detailed information.

The following is a list of the products that we buy and sell:

• 3 ft P&S picture
• HMS 1 & HMS 2
• Export Grade HMS
• Cast Iron
• Copper (#1,2,3)
• Insulated Cable and Wire
• Extruded Aluminum
• Aluminum Clips
• Aluminum Siding
• Cast Aluminum
• Aluminum Breakage
• Composition
• Light Brass
• Copper Bearing Producs
• OCC 11

• Mixed Paper


Products We Do Not Accept


The following is a list of the products that we do not accept:

• Closed Containers / Unapproved Drumspicture
• Asbestos Material
• CFCs / HCFCs
(All freon, applience & auto refridgerants must be extracted)
• Broken or Whole Batteries
• Radioactive Material
• Scrap with Radiocative Markings
• Scrap with Hazmat Markings
• Firearms and Ammunition
(Except with prior arrangement)
• Combustable or Flammable Material
• Free-Flowing Liquids / Solid Waste
• Lighting Ballasts
• Pressurized Containers
(Including post consumer aerosol)
• TV / Computer Monitors
• Microwaves
• Mercury (Switches)