End-Of-Life Vehicles


These projects will support new investment, strengthen our economy and create new job opportunities

for residents," Rahm Emanuel , Mayor , City of Chicago.


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Scrap Website Launched
January 2014
New scrap website is now live at www.adelamansscrap.com

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Adelman's Resource Solutions completes first phase of $2.8 million facility in Chicago
January 16, 2013
Adelman's looks to capitalize on Large Economies.

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New Website Launched
April 14, 2012
Today we have launched our new website. We’ve created this site to make it easy for visitors to lea...

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Have A Junk Car Or Truck?
Get paid to dispose and recycle of your vehicle

Do you have a car or truck that has reached the end of its useful life?

If so, Adelmans Resource Solutions will Pay you to dispose of the vehicle properly.  

We make sure your Vehicle is Recycled in an environmentally sound manner.  By using Adelmans, you ensure that your vehicle is handled properly and protect the environment-- and are paid to do it!

Just drop off any vehicles at any of our Locations


if your vehicle is inoperative, call or Click Here and we can arrange to pick it up.


Vehicle Pick-Up Forms
Plese Choose English, Spanish, or Polish versions of the form


Click Here for the English Form

Click Here for the Spanish Form

Click Here for the Polish Form

Required Informationpicture
Proof of Ownership and other information.

To sell an end-of-live vehicle you must provide proof of ownership. If the vehicle is less than eight years old you will need a title. If the vehicle is more than eight years old you can provide a title or a copy of your drivers license and a completed lost title form/Bill of Sale. 

 Our friendly and Helpful Staff will be happy to help you with any information that is necessary.  Just give us a call or fill out a pick-up form today!


Where Do Recycled Parts Go?
Why recycle with Adelmans


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